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    The Austin 20 is a group of community leaders, activists, and caring individuals who take action to fight against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in our city and surrounding areas.


    We provide funding and support for programs associated with all aspects of this horrendous crime and those victimized by it including: awareness and education, legislative support that fights against DMST and provides assistance for victims and survivors, recovery efforts, mentoring and rehabilitation, and support of other organizations’ work to fill gaps in the continuum of care for those victimized by DMST.


    To learn more, please join our email list or contact us by phone.


    The Austin 20 Board of Directors

    Brenda Adkinson – President

    Stephanie Fast – Treasurer

    Mary Healy – President Emeritus

    Lisa Knapp – Founder

    Christy May

    Laura Phillips

    Kathy Senese

    Dena Wood


    Nicole’s Place Board of Directors

    Brenda Adkinson - President

    Ben Broughton

    Terry Irion

    Dave Knapp – Founder

    Stephanie Land – Secretary

    Michael Loo, President and CEO of Upbring


    Founding Members of The Texas 20 DBA The Austin 20

    Lisa Knapp

    Mary Healy

    Brenda Adkinson